Sunday, October 11, 2009


Haven't updated for so long..haha
here goes..
jz started my new job on the 5th Oct..
so its exactly 1 week alrd..
the hotel is still under the offices are alrd ready
anyways~ din do much this week...coz operation havent start
nth to count..haha..
btw i'm in finance~ heee
hmm...attended training..assisted in doing minor things lik photocopy
abit of config..move things..filling..lolx
reminds me of training..haha
we even went up housekeeping..n help dusting
haha..its fun too..goin diff dept..meetin new ppl
kacao-ing!! haha..
wonder hw's the rest of the month going to be like...
we start in november~ yehh~
so 3 weeks to go...X_X

As for my life, same as always..
jz figured out tht my family is the most consistent relationship in my life matter good times or bad times..they are owiz true to me..
n supported me..

friends?? wateva la..
cant really trust most of my friends..
hmm..another thing i realized abt my life is tht its lik a cycle
at one time..its fun!! i'm always happy!! crazy!! keep goin out..enjoying..
lots of sms-es, msn msges..

and then there's the other side where i'm like home-bound
no msges..no1 to go out wit..eventhough i asked..
then no1 ever wants to chat.. or do anything..

Can say tht i'm used to it..
basically i dun even care..coz i have the most important things in my life alrd
and i guess its time to think properly..
and reassemble my priorities..n jz live with it..
the cycle of my life..haha..

hey~ u gotta live with the ups n downs right?
bsides it shows who is really there for ya
which i find very important..
coz ppl cn change jz lik tht..n i dun ever want to be lik tht
no matter how..i'll always be true to myself..
n thts something i'll always be proud of..

I'm so happy for the things in my life...
and i'll cherish everything i have..
coz u never knw when its gone..

Friday, September 4, 2009


Good news..i've officially resigned~
haha..tht was lik a week ago..
bt lazy to update till nw
its kinda weird..on the laz day of workin
i still havent found a i had two interviews the followin day
haha..well..1st interview was sucky..
interviewed by 3 ladies who r tryin to persuade me to go reservations..
no way!!
the 2nd interview was was so casual
n based on wad i wanted..
hehe..was told by the lady tht she will call me back..
okay i guess..since the hotel is not officially open yet

Enjoyed the following 8days..
goin out..watchin movies..
sittin at home..piggin out..
hahaha..din even feel bored
slept until 4pm!! new record~

bt nw..startin to get bored
n moodless..
couldn't sleep for one night..
sms replies
kinda miss goin out for drinks..!!
in bro n his gf came bek
was kinda fun..
bt nw their alrd bek in kl..haha

On the positive side...i gt the call
n they asked me to sign the conformation
hahah..yeah~ i gt the job^^
bt wont start till october!!! omg~
besides tht they even asked me to go for medical check up
which was bizarre !!! urine test..X-ray!!
haha..weird muchhh!
bt was uplifted coz i gt the jobbb
hehehehe..kinda wish could celebrate with some beer!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not Happy

Have been busy these past few weeks...
work work work..haihh
anyways..i dun feel happy...
i used to like nw hate it so muchhhhh!!!!!
every single day its so hard to be happy...
recently a lot has been goin on..
eversince july, there have been a lot of ppl resigning
nt jz our other dept as well..
guess the pressure must b too much..
frm our side..the numbers are increasing..
2 frm reservations, 1 guest service officer, 1 guest service manager
1 bellman, n nw 2 front office associates..
haihhhh......sometimes i jz wanna go home n stay at home..
its so annoying at work..dealing wit the guests..
especially those ppl wit some attitude issues..
who talk as if they wanna fight..
most of the time its nt even our fault..
- when u (guest) make a reservation, plz la..confirm izit wit or without b'fast
n dun jz let it out on the fnb n oso reception side..
- when u (guest) check in at 9-10am? plz understand tht the rooms are nt ready
who the F checks in so early? check in time is after 2pm..n rooms are always subject
to availability..
-when u (guest) wanna make a phone call..y nt usin ur cell phone 1st??
- when ur(guest) key cards can't work..dun jz let out ur frustrations on the reception
coz sometimes its ur fault..who kal u to put near ur hp..stupid
- when u(guest) want to take a taxi..jz pay cash k! dun give extra job to us..n say " charge it to my room"
- n if u(guest) wan to ask for directions, go to the concierge! we're nt so free to answer ur questions
" hw much isit to here? hw long isit to here? " ahhhh!!!!!!
- n plz b more understanding k..dun jz make accusations n blame everything on reception
especially singaporeans!! idiotic ppl..

these are several factors that jz make me unhappy..guess i'm nt customer friendly
hahaha...its jz sometimes we hav things to do..n when we're least open ur eyes n c we're busy....donkeys..really donkeys..nt human..

i really wan to find another job...hopefully as soon as possible..
can't take another day of this bullshit..
haihh..if cn i would prefer to work in an office..
can do my things without being bothered..
my advice..never ever work at the front desk..its the suckiest job in the world..
well..there's a vacancy at nt sure if i'm qualified for it..
might try 2ml...hmmm....thinking thinking thinking...
i dun feel so right..jz feel 50-50
mayb shud jz go some other place..